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​​​​​​Hey all!

On the JP side of things...I have been working on new songs. These are on the heavy side and they totally rip. I will finally be releasing my first CD entitled "Purge". I have posted some of the songs that will be included. Check them out & stay tuned!

I have also had the honor of becoming the Bass player for Radio Nashville. They play top 40 Country. I'm having a great time with a great bunch of musicians and wonderful fans.  You can get info here: 


​​with  Radio Nashville

Private Showcase, Atlantic City






 Jonathan Presnell (JP) is a veteran of the NJ/NY music scene with over 25 years’ experience in the music industry. Jonathan has had the role of lead singer, guitarist, and bass player in original bands such as Lost Boys and Rat Race as well as performing with numerous New Jersey cover bands. Jonathan found “Home” by joining SteppingSTONE BAND in 2012 and is honored to be creating music with such amazing musicians.

 Through the years Jonathan has played in several different projects that span a broad space of musical genres. Loving music of all kinds, he has tried just about everything from New Wave to Metal. Some of his greatest musical influences include: Stuart Matthewman (Sade), Doug Pinnick (Kings X), Chris (Skid) Rose (Love/Hate), Seal, Robert Smith (The Cure), Trent Reznor (NIN), Michael Cretu (Enigma), and Peter Gabriel. His greatest passion these days other than playing Bass in SteppingSTONE Band is songwriting. His music repertoire incorporates many different genres from New Age to Spiritual to Rock. Jonathan writes continuously adding to his library of songs. He is particularly interested in music for TV and Film as well as producing. His music and videos have also been featured on various websites and projects. Today Jonathan resides with his wife Max and three children in Northern NJ.

               - "PURGE"

​   Check back for the release date.